Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

Another trip to the Arizona Strip brought with it a bunch of scenic distractions.  Here are a few early favorite photos for now to keep me motivated to eventually get caught up.

The Wave and surrounding environs was prominent on the to do list for this trip.
I've got many photos to go through and there look to be some promising ones in there.
I liked the composition on this one with Randy adjusting his tripod for a reflection shot,
and our soon to be new acquaintance from Germany frozen taking a step.

Wave Step

But not before passing through a storm or getting a Jeep out of some quicksand.

Quicksand Recovery

Storming In

A visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was also on our agenda. 
My "vision of Vishnu" Temple is a definite favorite so far.

Vision of Vishnu

Challenged but this was my first experience with the sunburst effect first thing Labor Day morning.

Sunburst Sunrise

Now catching up will be hard to do while I hope to be elbow deep rebuilding a Jeep engine.  But there will eventually be much more to come from this trip.

A big thanks to my friend Randy for an invite to use an extra permit and open passenger seat.  His "adventr" blog can be seen here.  He will have a full trip report of this adventure posted there by about this weekend no doubt. 

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